Digital-media > Static Movement

"Static Movement" is a nonlinear stop-motion film that breathes life into 169 distinct color impressions originating from reduction-color woodcuts, plus numerous digital variations that expand the range of colors and potential compositions. The practice of pulling unique impressions, each exploring a dynamic interplay of color and form. The film plays on a loop, creating an endless experience.

Throughout the print's development, each state is meticulously documented. These prints serve as evidence of the evolution from individual cells playing together en masse, forming a mesmerizing animation. Digitally arranged on a timeline that intentionally disrupts the original narrative, the seamless transitions between impressions result in a constantly evolving, time-based abstraction where colors dance and intertwine. This fluidity offers a novel, nebulous experience that defies static confines.

Complementing the visual journey is a bespoke soundtrack, composed by the artist. The musical accompaniment aims to enhance the amorphous qualities of the visuals—static yet teeming with movement—imbued with both familiar and foreign elements.

Technical Insight / Printing Process: The two reductive woodcuts, intricately carved onto birch plywood, found expression on Rives BFK through press printing with oil-based inks. Following each color layer's print, a detailed scanning and archiving process ensued before the next layer took its place. Iteratively repeated, this method yielded numerous individual color states, forming the basis for the digital animation thoughtfully constructed on a timeline.