Joshua Brennan, a native of Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA, is an accomplished artist with a strong academic background. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Printmaking and Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin – Parkside in 2004, followed by a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking and Studio Art from Indiana University in 2009. Currently, Brennan imparts his knowledge as a Lecturer at Boston University, where he also serves as the Technical Associate in Printmaking and Photography.

Demonstrating a commitment to sharing his expertise, Brennan has conducted numerous demonstrations and workshops at various educational institutions. Collaborating with diverse artists, such as Enrique Chagoya and Tobias Putrih, he has contributed to the creation of printed editions. Brennan's artistic endeavors have been showcased in both national and international exhibitions, comprising seven solo or two-person shows and over 40 group exhibitions.

In recognition of his artistic prowess, Brennan has garnered several accolades, including the centerfold winner for Artscope magazine. His creations have found a home in prestigious collections, including the Kinsey Institute, The Contemporary Crafts Museum in Portland, and the Kyoto International Woodprint Association in Japan.

All of Joshua Brennan's artwork is available for purchase, and additional pieces can be acquired upon request. For further details, please reach out via email.