Bad Joke, Long History
Bad Joke, Long History
acrylic, oil, enamel, spray paint, marker and charcoal on found uv-based inkjet print on vinyl (billboard fragment), hung with gold plated staples
40" x 36"

This painting plagued me for the longest time and the title suggests this struggle. I started it back in 2014, with an initial quick gesture. The thing then chilled on the sideline with the other billboard fragments I while I was painting – developing images that meld the original, inkjet surface with my hand. It slowly accumulated marks and colors over two years, leaning toward the yellow mistint. When compared to some of the other paintings from the Billboard series, this is considerably more heavily worked. The only visible inkjet areas, other than the field of yellow, are the blue sliver/squares on the top-right center and top right corner. I worked on it so long, it became a joke. But, it also forced me into other areas of thinking and I see so many different things in this space – a corrupted Kandinsky, among other things. This composition has been further explored in several print projects, from hand-cut wood to laser engraved plexiglas etchings.