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Post-Merger: Copenhagen Reduction
Post-Merger: Copenhagen Reduction
hand-carved reduction and laser-engraved woodblock print
8.75" x 5.75"

Artist Statement | Post-Merger Series
The prints from the Post-Merger series are effectively monoprints, with many unconventional variations pulled from the blocks. The flowing graffiti-esque marks were printed as a traditional 4-layer, hand-cut reduction woodcut, on birch plywood. Unsatisfied with the final result, the print was captured and a digital file of the negative spaces was created. Inside of these biomorphic negative spaces, an image of a building facade and door was laser-engraved into another birch panel. This second, photo-based block, printed in black, with photo imagery nestling into the negative spaces of the reduction woodcut. The final outcome is a powerful marriage of digital and analog approaches; the reverse engineering is both exacting and surprising.